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Breeding Season Summary Edit

This Game has ceased development in it's current state. Latest version is 7.7.1

Breeding Season is an incomplete paid adult game. Before ceasing its development, the game cost a minimum of 1 dollar/euro donation per month on the patreon page to get the latest version. With the concept of Harvest Moon meets Hentai, the game tasks the player with the raising and breeding of monsters for sale to adventurous clients. An unholy combination of a farming sim and a sex game. Featuring Catgirls, Dickwolves, Harpies and plenty more monsters.

About the Game Edit

How to Play Edit

Breeding Season Universe Edit

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Recent Wiki Activity Edit

  • discussion page Remake?
    comment by A Fandom user 6 days ago
    Comment: personally i'd be very interested in seeing the game as 2D; depending on how that Cloud game looks. I wish you luck friend; Do it for the internet!
  • edit Elf
    edited by A Fandom user diff
    Summary: Scenes:
  • discussion page Remake?
    comment by CatsCode
    Comment: Sounds good to me, I'm working on it in Unity right now. Its currently 3D instead of 2D so I'm sure that alone would make it pretty different....
  • discussion page Breeding season remake
    comment by CatsCode
    A Fandom user

    A Fandom user

    i belive he specifically took the rights to the art with him in anger over whatever happened to the project. however im not sure as to the pat... 



    I have an artist who would join but she wont work for free (understandably), I'll keep making it on the side and see where it goes. 

  • discussion page Talk:List of Breeding Season debug codes
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: Is there a way for a female player to get impregnated in 7.0?  I tried the pregnate codes for 7.0 Alpha, but game returned that it wasn't a valid...
  • edit Elle
    edited by BrokeFoot diff
    Summary: Imported the Ellenor.png I made.
    Added photo:
  • edit Delilah
    edited by BrokeFoot diff
    Summary: Imported the Delilah.png I made.
    Added photo:
  • discussion page Remake?
    comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: From my understanding, HBomb basically was encouraging people to copy the game's code and begin work where it was already at. He feels screwed over,...
  • edit NPC's
    edited by A Fandom user diff
    Summary: event found with alita
  • edit Ferris
    edited by A Fandom user diff
    Summary: Relationships: added lily dialogue after ferris relation improvment

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