Dickwolf Jizz

Effects: Bonus Heart.

Monster receives one bonus heart today.

Catgirl Squirt

Effects: Energy Cost Down.

Monster's energy costs are reduced by 20%.

Harpy Grease

Effects: XP Gain Increase.

Monster receives 20% more XP for one day.

Holstaurus Milk

Effects: Pregnancy Chance.

Monster's base preg chance is raised by 20%

Elf Juice

Effects: None

Raises monser's stats.

Stallion Cum

Effects: Harvest Cost Down.

Monster's harvest energy cost are reduced by 50% today.

Demon Fire

Effects: Stored Hearts Down.

Monster's stored hearts are reduced by 5.

Alraune Nectar

Effects: Growth Boost

All monster's growth ratings are increased one rank (up to A) for one day.

Seraph Ichor

Effects: Seraph Touched

This monster has a chance to give birth to a seraph while mating.

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