Delilah is first antagonist the breeder encounters after arriving on the farm.


Delilah is the Adjunct Grand Inquisitor of the Vice Control Enforcement Division of the Imperial Legion.


The Divine Empress detests breeders, considering monster breeding to be a perversion. However, since the breeding guilds have such a strong foothold in the border towns, they must be allowed to continue to exist.


Although Delilah tries to project an air of professionalism, she is easily flustered. When Margo teases her about the nature of her relationship with Ferris, she stutters and blushes.


Setting the DebtEdit

Delilah comes to inform the breeder that a new and retroactive tax has been imposed on all breeders, and since the breeder's parents were so prolific, the breeder must pay 10,000,000 gil to the Empire. Delilah has already taken 1,000,000 gil off from the breeder's parent's estate, leaving a remaining balance of 9,000,000 gil to be paid. This debt will be paid off in installments - 1,500 gil a month.



After their initial introduction, Delilah has 100 out of 1000 affection for the breeder. This is by far the worst relationship the breeder has with any of the characters after meeting.


Delilah and Margo have a distinctly antagonistic relationship. As part of the Imperial Legion, Delilah is at cross purposes with Margo. Margo thinks Delilah is repressed, and Delilah thinks Margo is crass and promiscuous.


Although both Delilah and Ferris maintain vows of chastity as part of their fidelity to the Imperial Legion, they do have an intimate relationship.

Lily Edit

Delilah sister. increasing ferris relationship (800+) will unlock an event at guild about Ferris, Deliha',and Lily' past


  • As part of the Imperial Legion, Delilah maintains a vow of chastity.