Description Edit

A popular theory among bitter single male monster researchers is that ALL women are actually a sub-species of this monster, particularly their ex-wives

Harpies are predisposed to have four times higher CHA and two times higher STA stats.

Harpies are monsters with the head, and body of a human, while having no hands, and instead, wings, with claws as feet. Harpies have small bodies, similar to petite girls, and resides in the Aviary. Harpies main stat is Charisma, and secondary stat is Stamina, based on it's produced consumable. Harpies have a genderbent form, known as a Cockatiel.

Feral Harpies are known as Sirens. Sirens and covered in feathers and look like anthropomorphic birds, Feral 'Tiels are taller and less voluptuous than Sirens, with fiercer features than their female counterparts.

How to UnlockEdit

Contact Levi to build the Harpy Aviary. The Monster Shop will update automatically and may sell Harpies from there on out.

Trait VariationsEdit

  • Harpy
  • Cockatiel
  • Chickadee
  • Budgie
  • Siren
  • Cockatrice

Consumable Edit

Harpies produces Harpy/Cockatiel Grease, both gender's consumable having the same effect. It is an item that rises Charisma, and Stamina significantly, and its bonus "XP Gain Increase" increases experience gain of the monster by 20% for 1 day.

Higher quality consumable gives higher stat gain, with 5 stars giving Charisma 40% boost, while giving Stamina a 20% boost. The "XP Gain Increase" bonus remains the same.


As of version 7.7.1 the Harpy has the following scenes available:


Futanari Harpy:

  • Catgirl
  • Breeder (Female)

Cockatiel (Genderbent Harpy):

  • Breeder (Female)

Chickadee (Neoteny Harpy):

  • Breeder (Female)

Budgie (Genderbent Neoteny Harpy)

  • Breeder (Female)

Siren (Feral Harpy):

  • Breeder (Female)

Cockatrice (Feral Genderbent Harpy):

  • Breeder (Female)


  • As of 6.6.1, the standard female harpy currently has one animation with the female catgirl.