Margo is the first character the breeder encounters when starting a new game.


Margo is the Junior Administrator of the Breeder's Guild.


Margo arrives at the farm to explain the terms of the breeder's parents' will: The breeder is to inherit the ranch and their remaining five years of guild membership.


Margo has a warm and welcoming personality - she immediately greets the breeder with affection and is sympathetic to the loss of the breeder's parents.

But Margo also has a mean streak. When Delilah arrives to tax the breeder, Margo is immediately hostile.

Random EventsEdit


Margo arrives at the breeder's farm, lamenting the debt the Empire has place upon it. However, a lot of breeders from the guild are sympathetic to the breeder's plight, and have pooled some money together in an effort to help. The amount of gold the Breeder will receive is equal to the number of guild points the breeder currently has multiplied by 100.



After their initial introduction, Margo has 600 out of 1000 affection for the breeder. As Margo has so many requests for the breeder to fulfill, the affection between them can quickly be raised.


Margo and Delilah have a distinctly antagonistic relationship. As part of the Imperial Legion, Delilah is at cross purposes with Margo. Margo thinks Delilah is repressed, and Delilah thinks Margo is crass and promiscuous.


Roxie is Margo's aunt. On initial meeting, Roxie is impressed the breeder is able to make the connection, given Margo lacks the ample assets that are the family's claim to fame.


  • On first meeting, Delilah calls Margo 'Marguerite'. It is unknown if Margo is short for Marguerite, or if Delilah was antagonizing her with the wrong name.
  • Margo's family is well known for exceedingly large breasts, her mother having even larger breasts than her aunt, Roxie. Margo's more humble chest is a point of embarrassment for her. She frequently stuffs her bra with toilet paper in an effort to make her breasts look larger.
  • Roxies has suggested that no man ever looks Margo's way due to her small chest. To compensate, Margo has an extremely large collection of vibrators.
  • Margo once stole hallucinogens from Cordelia's lab. Cordelia suggested they ended up in someone's coffee.