Pens are the buildings on the breeder's ranch where the monsters are kept. Each pen can store a specific breed of monster, though some pens can be upgraded to hold a second type.

Building a PenEdit

The Catgirl Kennel and the Dickwolf Yard are on the breeder's ranch by default. The other pens must be bought from Levi's Carpentry Shop in order for the monsters to become available at Roxie's Monster Shop.


Pens have additional spaces that can be expanded with extra features. Expansions can increase the number of monsters that can be kept in the pen, automatically harvest the monsters in the pen when they reach the maximum number of hearts, or feed the monsters in the pen from a stack of consumables.


Upgrading a pen to the next tier adds an additional four expansion slots to the pen. There are four pen tiers:

  • Bronze (the default tier)
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Monster pen tier upgrades can be purchased through the Pen user interface.