Roxie greets the breeder the first time they go into town. Roxie also runs the Monster Shop.


Roxie is the proprietor of the Monster Shop and a former breeder herself.


Roxie runs the Monster Shop, and as such she carries all varieties of monsters the breeder can breed for purchase. She only displays those the breeder has pens for, and will restock for an increasing fee. The fee, however, can be mitigated by donating to the guild.


Roxie has a big heart and immediately offers the breeder any information they want about monsters and about herself.


Roxie can be found outside of her shop Monday through to Friday.



After their initial introduction, Roxie has 600 out of 1000 affection for the breeder.


Margo is Roxie's niece. On initial meeting, Roxie is impressed the breeder is able to make the connection, given Margo lacks the ample assets that are the family's claim to fame.


  • Roxie is 29 years old.
  • Roxie used to be a breeder, but laments that she can't fulfill the job like she used to. She does, however, still indulge monster mating every now and then.


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