Known for their insatiable butt-lust, stallions will indiscriminately mount any anus pointed in their direction. Never turn your back on a stallion.

Stallions are predisposed to have four times higher STA and two times higher STR stats.

These monsters are typically male, therefore its genderbent counterpart is female. When this happens they are referred to as "Mares"

Stallions are one of the creatures you can breed on your ranch. They are large, well-built, brown humanoid horses with an equine head, and both stallions and their genderbent counterpart, mares, tend to have prominent primary and secondary sexual characteristics. Feral Stallions are called Mustangs, and while these, unlike their domestic counterparts, walk on all fours, they have even more prominent sexual organs, reaching almost to the floor. Feral Mares have almost indistinguishable sexual characteristics, but a closer look reveals that secondary characteristics are present, just not obvious. Neoteny versions look like humanoid ponies.

How to UnlockEdit

Contact Levi to build the Stallion stable. The Monster Shop will update automatically and may sell Stallions from there on out.

Trait VariationsEdit

  • Stallion
  • Mare
  • Foal
  • Filly
  • Mustang
  • Brumby


Stallions and mustangs produce Stallion Cum, while genderbent variations produce Mare Cum. Equine cum of any sort lowers the energy cost of harvesting by 50%. This is useful, as harvesting frequently has a higher cost than breeding.


As of version 7.7.1 the Stallion has the following scenes available: