Stats: Edit

Strength: Edit

The physical strength of a monster or the breeder. This stat grants extra breeding power to the player.

Dexterity: Edit

Reduces the energy cost of actions involving the monster. 1 DEX = 1% less energy. Also gives breeding a chance to “crit” and gain twice as much XP, 1 DEX = 0.5% crit chance.

Stamina: Edit

The ability to keep going for longer. This stat increases the amount of hearts that the monster/breeder produces everyday on average. Or more accurately, it increases the amount of times they can be bred, harvested or influences the amount of GP earned through volunteer work.

Charisma: Edit

The compelling charm of the monster or breeder in question. This stat increases the XP gain multiplier from breeding.

Willpower: Edit

The control of the monster/breeder in question. This stat increases the maximum amount of happiness hearts that a player or monster can stockpile. This prevents monsters from getting unhappier easier and also influences the trait gained by monsters to tell if they like, desire or love the breeder.

Fertility: Edit

The state or quality of being fertile. This stat increases the base pregnancy chance of monsters or the female breeder in game. At the same time, if the same two monsters/monster and breeder go at it consecutively, this stat increases the % gain for pregnancy chance.

Happiness Edit

Monsters (and the Breeder) gain happiness from breeding with their preferred partners, and lose happiness when their hearts overflow.

Some orders include a happiness level. The tutorial indicates that happiness also affects pregnancy rate.

Levels: Edit

Experience gain: Edit

Monsters gain experience from having sex. The amount of experience gained depends on the partners Level, Strength and Traits and from the monsters own Charisma, Traits and whether it has consumed Harpy Grease.

Effects: Edit

When the experience bar, located under the happiness bar, is full, the monster gains a level. Each level increases breeding power and gives a growth boost to the Stats dependant on the Rank of the Stat. Consumables produced by this Monster get a better quality too.