Appearance of female and male breeder.

The breeder is a playable character and the main protagonist of Breeding Season. The player can choose to play as a male or female version of the breeder, and can name the breeder anything they choose.

Description Edit

The breeder starts with a debt of 10,000,000 gil (1,000,000 is payed off by the remaining gil from the breeder's parents) with a starting payment of 1,500 for the end of the first month. This can be checked on the breeder card by clicking the i icon next to the settings.

The Breeder is the main player character. At the beginning of a new game, the options to select the character's gender, a random name for it or write the name of personal preference are offered.

Bio Edit

The breeder is the child of breeders. Both of the breeder's parents have recently died, and the breeder has inherited their family's farm and five year guild membership.


At the beginning of the game, the breeder had been attending a boarding school in the city and has returned following their parents' deaths. The breeder has just inherited their parents farm and five years of guild membership.


As the player character, the personality of the breeder depends on the player.


As of version 7.7.1 the breeder has the following scenes available:

Female breeder with:

  • Catgirl (Normal, Futanari, Genderbent, Feral, Neoteny, Genderbent/Feral, Genderbent/Neoteny)
  • Dickwolf (Normal, Genderbent, Feral, Neoteny, Genderbent/Futanari, Genderbent/Neoteny, Genderbent/Feral)
  • Harpy (Normal, Futanari, Genderbent, Feral, Neoteny, Genderbent/Feral, Genderbent/Neoteny)
  • Stallion (Normal)
  • Holstaurus (Futanari)
  • Demon (Normal)

Female breeder events:

Male breeder with:

  • Catgirl (Normal)
  • Holstaurus (Normal)
  • Elf (Female)

Male breeder events:

  • Bailey
  • Yuelia
  • Kaliba
  • Amadour

Trivia Edit

  • The gender and names are permanent after the character is created, so choose wisely.
  • There is only one look for either gender.
  • The breeder's parents have died. According to Margo, the breeder's parents died as they lived: elbows deep in a gaping hole.
  • The breeder used to attend a boarding school. They had just graduated by the time their parents died.
  • The breeder is 18 years old.
  • The breeder's STA trait affects the breeder's daily energy.