Tips and Tricks: Edit

  1. The player will want to visit Kay on the first day to get the 5 Holstaurus milk and on top of that to keep revisiting the beach to get the Aitako's pink pearl on the first day. If the player wants to, they can also keep revisiting the ranch to in hopes of finding a wild Catgirl for a free animal on the first day.
  2. Upon getting Aitako's pink pearl, the player can save, use it and if the item did not level up, they can reload and try again. By doing this, the player can get a 5 star pearl fairly early on.
  3. A way to know if the Aitako's pink pearl has leveled up is to note an increase in stats. Using it on the level one breeder with out an upgrade brings all stats to 6 while using it on a level one breeder with it leveling up will bring the all stats up to 7.
  4. Cheat engine can be used to alter the GP the player has. The money address can be found by using scan type Double.
  5. It is theoretically possible to earn infinite GP at the start of the game without cheat engine, same with money. On the first day, it is found out that the player can get both the Catgirl and Dickwolf event even when the player has 0 energy, meaning it is possible to donate the wild monsters for 1 each forever. As for money, if the player just buys some cheap items in Kay's shop, it is possible to run into the Alraune event and use the bought item. items costs 40 and selling the 5 Alraune nectar grants 1440.
  6. Once later in game, attain the following traits on all monsters:
    1. All night long - more hearts.
    2. Geyser - More consumables from harvest.
    3. Kawaii - faster experience gain, higher levels produce higher quality consumables.
    4. Greased Lightning - lower energy use.
    5. Max the above skills to level 5.
    6. Expand the monster pen to hold more monsters of the desired type.
    7. Enable an auto-harvester to gather consumables from the monsters, although half as much.
    8. Refrain from having the Iron will trait as the trait makes monsters counter-productive.